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Pricing and Plans
Get 50% off by choosing annual plans.
Free plan to get started.
$0/mo (billed annually)
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Features Included:
Access to free stock photos, graphics, icons
Unlimited exports
Up to 2 emails
For single user pro access.
Use plus plan if you have multiple users.
$6/mo (billed annually)
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Everything in Free, plus:
Unlimited emails
For teams with multiple users.
$12/mo (billed annually)
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Everything in Pro, plus:
Add multiple users to account
3 users included in plan
$6/mo for each additional user
Frequently Asked Questions
Which currency are the prices in?
Prices are in US dollars.
What's the difference between Pro and Plus plan?
Feature wise they're generally the same. The difference is that if your organization need more than 1 user to access the account, you would need to use a Plus plan to have more than 1 user.
When will I be charged?
Subscription charges are prepaid so you will be charged the moment you upgrade. After that, you will be charged at the start of next billing cycle. For example, if you subscribe to monthly plan, your next charge will be 1 month from today.
How do I cancel subscription?
You can cancel subscription by yourself in self-serve manner. Just go to billing page to cancel subscription. After cancellation, you won't be charged after further. Since RenderKu works on prepayment, you will still have access to your current plan until end of billing cycle.