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The Only Email Editor that Makes Designing Easy
RenderKu is an email design platform with built-in design editor.
Get started with over 100+ pre-made email templates.
The Problem
Why is email designing so difficult?
Today, marketers use more than one tool to craft emails. Why is it so? Because often, marketers have to use an image editor like photoshop, figma to make changes to image before re-uploading it to email editor.

Anyone who've crafted marketing emails before has gone through the process of wasting time re-uploading images after making a simple edit. Or re-uploading different variants of images to preview changes in email design.

This whole process is without a doubt, highly inefficient for designing emails.
Why is email designing so difficult
Why RenderKu
Built-In Design Editor
With RenderKu, you simply use the built-in design editor to make image edits and preview changes directly. No more re-uploading images to preview changes.

Try our email editor to see how it works.
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Built-In Design Editor
Email Assets in One Place
Take a peak at your email assets, what do you see? Different files are stored in different places. It's disjointed. With RenderKu, you can streamline all your email assets in one place.
Email Assets in One Place
Email Templates
Fully Editable Email Templates
If you've used before email templates, you probably would've encountered occasions where images aren't editable since it is in jpg/png format.

Email templates in RenderKu work differently. Image elements are almost always editable. This means that "text within images" can be edited or even removed. This feature gives you the ability to easily reuse email templates. Check our email templates to see how it works.
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Fully Editable Email Templates
Emails for Ecommerce
Ecommerce Notification Templates
Your ecommerce store looks different from others, your notification emails should also be! Level up from store's default email notifications with 100+ pre-made email templates.

Our drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for you to customize notification emails that your store sends to customers.
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Shopify Notifications Email Templates
Free Tool
Use Design Editor for Free
Use our free design editor to edit images and photos. It's completly free. No signups required. No AI bullshit. Design and download image straight away.

Try design editor to see how it works.
Free Design Editor
Free design editor
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